Rachel Gibson ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Run to You
Rachel Gibson
Mass Market
       Beau Junger, former Marine and current owner of a personal security business, is doing a job for a friend. He is to locate Stella Leon so that her sister, Sadie Hollowell, can meet her for the first time. It seems like a fairly simple assignment until Beau first sees Stella in a giant Amy Winehouse bouffant wig. She works as a bartender in South Beach, Miami, and that night is the Back Door Betty Night drag queen competition.
      Stella's lived in some rough places and dealt with some scary situations in her life, but things are about to get really interesting. Her boss has always been a bit of a groper, but when he grabs her in the parking lot late that night, he won't let go. Beau comes along and knocks him out, which starts a chain of events that leads to Stella possibly breaking the hand of one of her boss' "associates" when he tries to break into her apartment. With no intention of meeting her sister, but escape her dangerous situation, she winds up on a road trip with Beau that she wishes will never end. She's terrified that her sister won't like her... but she is also attracted to this big, bad Marine.
      Rachel Gibson's latest is part of a series, but while the events in this story carry over from the prior book, new readers won't be lost for a minute. Beau and Stella are an excellent Mars/Venus pairing who are sometimes endearing and sometimes hilarious. And once the love scenes start, readers will need a fan and an ice‑cold drink. Marvelous! 

Heather Nordahl Files

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