Paula Treick DeBoard~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Mourning Hours
Paula Treick DeBoard
Mass Market
            Kirsten Hammarstrom was only nine years old when her friend, Stacy Lemke, went missing. Stacy was the light of any party and, even though she was a teenager, she treated Kirsten as a friend. She also dated Kirsten's brother, Johnny. One night when Johnny and Stacy were out on a date, they had a fight. Johnny came home and Stacy was never heard from again.
            As the investigation continued, Johnny became the prime suspect and Kirsten's happy-go-lucky-girl life came to an end. Soon the Hammarstroms became the talk of the town. Did Johnny do it or not? He seemed like such a great kid. Surely he wouldn't do anything like that. The Hammarstroms became outcasts and as Kirsten grew up, she left, only to come back years later to deal with a tragedy and confront the old events that took place so long ago.
            The Mourning Hours was a terrific read about how a family stuck together no matter what. It was an exceptional story of forgiveness and who ever picks the book up, will not put it down until it is finished.
Sheila Hendrix

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