Patrice Lyle ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Patrice Lyle

Blingalicious Books

Trade Paperback




    Isabelle Adler is a Health Enforcement Agent for Glisten, a U.S. government mandated Department of Health. When naturopathic medicine became law and Glisten came into control, the practice of Western Medicine became illegal. The change caused rifts among friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

           Isabelle's father and twin sister Charelle both rebelled against the enforced health care system, involving themselves with the American Medical Conservation Organization. A war was building between the two organizations and, like a civil war, the twin sisters were fighting for what they both passionately believed in and would do anything to win, believing their way was best. Unfortunately, their beliefs were extreme opposites.

    Exciting, gripping and unique, a rare find, Glisten is a book that will have the reader waiting impatiently for the next story in this new series.  With well-developed characters, the author grips the reader from the very first page. It's one of those stories where the reader will think, "This could become the next best suspense movie to rock the world."

Lauren Calder

Lethally Blonde

Patrice Lyle

Leap Books

Mass Market




Morgan Skully, a teen demon chick, was told by the Devil that a pact her father made before his death was forcing her to work with the Devil himself. The Devil happens to be very sexy in a surfer dude kind of way. Morgan must use her diva skills to help her with her employment as a spy for the Devil, and she just might use her spy skills to help her in her diva drama. What is a girl to do when her shopping and hot almost-boyfriend are getting in the way of her evil duties to the Underworld?

Lethally Blonde was written with a special finesse that conveys the thoughts, insecurities, and dreams of being a teenage girl. The book was very fast-paced and upbeat and couldn’t be put down. Even if you found a way to escape this compelling tale, you would spend all your time away thinking about the characters who were so perfectly constructed with their own individual to-die-for traits. Overall, a very good book.

Layla Lawrence

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