Missouri Dalton~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Coming Home

Missouri Dalton

Torquere Press

Short Story



He had awakened, unable to speak because of a broken jaw, many other injuries, and unable to remember his name. His memory was just a breath away, a slight gentle memory of hot cocoa and someone waiting for him.

The RAF tat was a hint--the wedding photo of a man, Alan Trent, and his wife Edda, didn’t jar any memories. None of it felt quite right. Then, one day, someone from his past recognized him and ran up to him, happy to see him, calling him James.

Missouri Dalton has given her readers a cleverly written and compelling story.

Kitty Lane

Missouri Dalton
Torquere Press

Father Maxwell’s faith was shattered when his mentor betrayed him, turning his faith into a lie. Now Max struggles just to get through his sermons, hearing confessions--he has lost his passion for the Church he once loved. Though Max has no more use for the Church, the Church has use for him and makes him an offer he can’t refuse--if he wants to stay alive. 
    Now known as Dyre, Max has become one of the Faithless, a demon
hunter with a cursed sword. After years of fighting side by side, he and his Keeper, Isaiah, grow closer and their relationship deepens.   But Isaiah is pure and righteous, and even his softest touch burns Dyre’s flesh. Can the two ever really be more than companions?
    In writing Faithless, Missouri Dalton has created a unique, intriguing
world with characters who are so complex, so fully fleshed out that they jump off the page and demand you take notice.  This is a male/male romance with most of the page count given over to world building, and the emotional and sexual relationship aspects are minimal. So fascinating, so impressive is this world Ms.Dalton has created, that this book would easily stand as the foundation of an entire series.

Mallory Lane


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