Maya Banks ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Maya Banks

The Berkley Publishing Group

Trade Paperback




Mia has had a crush on Gabe since she was in her teens and he dated her sister. She is given a job offer by Gabe, as well as an offer to enter his personal life. He wants to show her the ropes in his own special pleasurable way. She accepts this offer and thus begins their journey and education in lust and love.

This was a good overall book. It was well written, but I had just one problem. The book was a little too similar to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series with the rich older gentlemen training a young lady in pleasure. While this book is popular now, I felt it was just a little too convenient to use that same plot now.

Lenore Lovecraft



Shades of Gray

Maya Banks

Berkley Sensation

Mass Market




KGI teammates P.J and Cole had always enjoyed their easygoing rivalry as sharpshooters on their KGI team.  Then one night when desire got the best of them, their relationship became anything but easygoing. Now, months later, after a mission gone horribly wrong, Cole is still trying to track down P.J. who walked away from the KGI team. He wants her back home, back on the team, but she wants vengeance and isn’t about to stop until she finds it, and she’s determined to go it alone. Can Cole and the rest of the team convince her to accept their help, even if it means losing everything, including their lives?

With Shades of Gray, Maya Banks takes readers on an exciting journey that, from the first page to the last, grabs hold and doesn’t let go. It’s an emotionally intense, sexy, romantic tale filled with enough twists and turns to keep readers on the edges of their seats, wondering what will happen next.  Ms. Banks does a fabulous job of showing us the hearts and souls of P.J. and Cole, two very complex people whose imperfections, though there are more than a few, are the very things that make them so perfect for one another.  Fans of the romantic suspense genre are sure to enjoy this story filled with joy, heartache, humor, and passion.  Shades of Gray is a thoroughly entertaining read.

Mallory Lane

Softly at Sunrise (a KGI Novella)

Maya Banks

Amazon Digital Services
ASIN: B0085N6I4Q


     Rachel Kelly was returning to work part time as a substitute teacher. It had been rough. She had been handed divorce papers by her husband Ethan, been presumed dead for a year, and then rescued by Ethan and his team from the KGI. Although apprehensive, she was ready to move forward with her life and get over the past. She and Ethan had managed to work out their issues and planned to have a child. When they found out she was carrying twins, both were ecstatic.

However, as much as they wanted everything to be smooth sailing, life as quirky as it is, always has something up its sleeve.

Softly at Sunrise puts the finishing touches on a few gaps from Shades of Gray, book 6 of the KGI series, which has a projected release date for January 2013. Ms Banks has a unique style creating characters that make the reader feel as if they are involved with the story. Regardless of whether the reader is familiar with the series, they will love it. Anyone picking up this book for the first time will want to read the rest of the series. Softly at Sunrise pulls the reader into the characters’ circle of friends and holds them tight.


Lauren Calder


Echoes at Dawn (A KGI Novel)

Maya Banks


Mass Market




Grace can heal people simply by touching them. Their diseases and wounds become her own. With plenty of rest, her body has the ability to heal itself. However, the men who are holding her prisoner aren’t giving her that time. An explosion allows her to escape, and she walks until she can’t walk any further. Then she crawls. She will die before she will return to captivity.

Rio is tracking Grace. Unlike the other men who are following her, he has been hired by her sister to bring her back to safety. When Rio catches up to Grace, she’s terrified that he’s going to take her back to the men who’ve been torturing her. He speaks mind to mind with her, reassuring her that he’s there to take her home. Her strength gone, she has no choice but to trust him.

Rio knows that Titan, the group that's hunting Grace, will never give up. The only place she will be safe is at his compound. The moment Rio saw the surveillance footage of Grace he fell in love. While Rio prepares for battle, Grace falls in love as well. Titan has never failed a mission, but neither has Rio.

This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone. It is a very good book.

Sheila Griffin

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