Margaret Mallory~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Chieftain
Margaret Mallory
Grand Central
Mass Market

Margaret Mallory's The Chieftain is a wonderful, funny and heartwarming story of how two
people who are so different find love.

Connor MacDonalds is the chieftain of Sleat and he holds the lives of his people as well as their
fate in his hands. He is a funny, brave warrior who believes the only way to save his people is to marry
the woman of another tribe. He can't think about love. He must be happy with honor and trying to do
the right thing for his people.

Illysa has been in love with Connor her whole life but her bloodline would never do. Illysa has the
gift of foresight and can tell what the future will bring and her heart burns only for Connor. She never
thought Connor could actually love her so she never tells him how she feels. When Illysa sees the future
and that Connor's life is in danger, she will stop at nothing to make sure he's safe and when Connor
begins to notice her, Illysa couldn't be happier but both will have to survive in order to take that love to
the next level.

Sheila Hendrix

Knight of Pleasure
Margaret Mallory
Grand Central Publishing Mass Market

     Lady Isobel Hume, a widow, lost her lands and properties to a scoundrel who had manipulated her husband. Seeking assistance from the bishop, Lady Isobel was given a choice: marry the scoundrel, marry a man her father chooses with no dowry, or marry a man who the bishop chooses through orders from the king.
Choosing to follow the king’s wishes, Lady Isobel traveled to Normandy where she was supposed to meet her intended, Lord Philippe de Roche. Sir Stephen Carleton was in Normandy serving the king when he met Lady Isobel. Although he was warned to stay away from her, Sir Stephen could not resist the challenge.
This is one of those mouth-watering stories where the reader needs to turn off the ringer, brew up some of their favorite tea, and curl up in front of the fireplace and enjoy this passionate fast-paced romance.

Lauren Calder