Lexi George~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar

Lexi George

Brava Trade Paperback

978 0758263131



Beck had always felt out of place, even growing up in Hannah, Alabama, the home of the most paranormals in the country. Of course, most of  the norms didn’t even realize that their neighbors were demons, vampires, witches, shapeshifters or Fae. Beck, herself, was a demonoid--half demon, half human. Consequently, she was shunned by most of the town, Others and norms, alike.

Beck ran a bar on the river that catered to Others and hidden by magic from the norms. She was used to dealing with drunken redneck shapeshifters who, after imbibing, turned into weasels, hound dogs, skunks, or pigs. That was her life and she was content, except for the big, utterly gorgeous warrior type that had been sitting in the corner of her bar for the last few weeks staring at her. He made her nervous. Then she found out he was one of the Dalvahni demon hunters that had invaded their quiet little Southern town and taken all of the ladies by storm, even marrying three of them. And the Dalvahni hated her kind.

Connall Dalvahni was the captain of the Dalvahni warriors that had been sent through the portal by the Great One to protect their most sacred place, Hannah, from the demons known as the djegrali. Every time he sent one of his warriors to this place, strange things happened to them--they fell in love. Dalvahni didn’t fall in love. Their sole purpose was to protect against the djegrali. When it became necessary, they rid themselves of the feelings of lust by using a thrall, a being designed strictly for sex. But the women of this little Southern town seemed to single handedly disarm the great warriors, and Connall was determined to find out how they did it. Then he saw Rebekah, and feelings he didn’t even know he had tilted his world on its axis, even though she was a demonoid. The only way to decipher this strangeness logically was to go to her bar every night and watch her every move, study her and learn everything about her, even her smell of lavender and jasmine.

Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar is a continuation of the Dalvahni warrior series and is just as hilarious as its predecessors. The mighty, gorgeous warriors are at a total loss when it comes to dealing with the Southern belles of Hannah. Beck and Connall have a slightly different problem than the others but manage to deal with them while fighting off the djegrali and welcoming into their fold a newly made zombie who was a vegetarian, a frightened Wampus Kitty who howled like a banshee and a ghost who just wanted to play the piano. An entertaining and satisfying read that will keep you chuckling well into the night.

Lani Roberts


Demon Hunting in the Deep South

Lexi George


Trade Paperback




Evie Douglass had always been the shy, stay-in-the-shadows type of girl. She had curves, gorgeous auburn hair and big doe eyes. But because she was the daughter of a "nobody" in the small Southern town of Hannah, Alabama, and a feast to the eyes of the male inhabitants of the town, the rich, skinny witches of Hannah made her life miserable. They constantly called her "fat," "Whale," "Thunder Thighs," all the hateful things they could think of to make themselves feel better.

Meredith Peterson, wife of Trey Peterson of the richest family in Hannah, was the leader of the "Three Witches." It had worked until she and her best friend Addy met the Dalvhani warrior demon hunter brothers, Brand and Ansgar.

Ansgar thought Evie the most beautiful woman he had ever met, and Evie felt the same way about Ansgar. Then a demon had possessed Evie, and the only way Ansgar could save her was to shoot and kill her to destroy the demon within. Of course, he brought Evie back to life afterwards, but because of the trauma of her dying at his hands, he felt it best to wipe her memory. So she was back to the old shy, hide-in-the shadows Evie who worked at the Peterson mill--until the day she came to work and found Meredith Peterson lying across her desk dead in a pool of blood with Evie's letter opener sticking out of her chest!      

Ansgar was in hell. As a demon hunter, he wasn’t supposed to have any feelings, but once he and Brand landed in Hannah and Brand fell in love with Addy and Ansgar with Evie, his life had been in turmoil. Though he had made Evie forget about him, he hadn’t forgotten about her. He remained by her side constantly, invisibly of course, but still he was there. Now she was accused of murdering some harridan who had made her life miserable. He could not allow that; he would not allow that, but how was he supposed to help her when she had no idea who he was and that they had met (and loved) before?

This is the third of Ms. George's sexy Dalvhani warrior series set in the very Southern town of Hannah, Alabama. All of Hannah's quaint and not-so-quaint inhabitants are there with a few new ones thrown in. The heroes are still muscle-bound, inter-dimensional jocks, but with a little better knowledge of the town's "Southernisms," and the residents are still wacky and loveable. Ms. George's writing style is hilarious and makes this another fun read, but the heroine's constant "I'm-just-not-good-enough-for-him-to-love-me" mantra, though understandable, gets irritating after awhile.

Lani Roberts

Demon Hunting in Dixie

Lexi George
Brava, Trade Paperback


      His name was Brand, and he was a Dalvahni warrior who hunted djegrali or demons. He and his brothers had been doing this job, without feelings, for thousands of years. No person had ever stopped them from fulfilling their duties; no feelings had ever interrupted their quest in hunting down and killing the djegrali. It was their duty to protect the realm, including the realm of Earth. Then Brand stepped through the portal, following the djegrali, and ended up in Hannah, Alabama.
      Addy had grown up in Hannah. Her brother owned the local funeral parlor, having taken over the business after her father passed. Addy owned the local florist, and Mama owned the town. She knew all the proper doings of what a genteel Southern lady was supposed to do and not do, and Addy was well schooled in all of Mama's do's and don'ts. Every once in awhile she would try to rebel, but Mama always seemed to find a way to convince her that whatever it was she wanted to do was not “the Southern way.” Then Addy was out running with her Lab, Dooley, and stumbled onto Brand fighting the djegrali. In trying to help out the incredibly handsome stranger, a djegrali spear strikes Addy, and Brand has to heal her by giving her part of his immortal powers. Suddenly Addy's life is turned upside down, Dooley can talk, the town of Hannah continues on in the best of Southern tradition, and Brand is stuck. He now has to protect Addy from all harm; and that does not include just the djegrali. In Brand's mind, that includes all the townsfolk of Hannah, especially her Mama.
      Demon Hunting in Dixie is one of the most hilarious paranormals that I've read. There are no shape shifters or changelings, only two beautiful, extremely chauvinistic, unemotional males who are totally blindsided by the minds of very Southern females and their men folk. The people of Hannah are truly delightful, and watching Brand and his warrior brother Ansgar try to figure out the strange goings on is hysterical. Addy and her talking Labrador completely unfreeze Brand's heart, and the reader will fall in love right along with Addy.

Lani Roberts

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