Lee McKenzie~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Daddy, Unexpectedly
Lee McKenzie
Harlequin American #1452
Mass Market
      Claire DeAngelo is dealing with the difficulties of divorce, and her soon‑to‑be ex is being particularly difficult. Seeing Luke Devlin again helps her take her mind off her troubles. When
they knew each other in college, he was nothing more than a study buddy. She wanted more then, and definitely does not want to be just his buddy now.
       Luke's father was an alcoholic, and he had his own hard‑partying and hard‑drinking past. He’s clean and sober now, but every day is a battle. He wants to get closer to Claire, but he also has a secret agenda. This cop is on an undercover investigation, and his target can be seen from Claire's condo window. If he can get inside, he can do his job while he and Claire enjoy each other. And he can protect her from her shady ex while he’s at it. Now if only his secrets don’t come back to bite him.
       Lee McKenzie’s latest winds up her "Ready Set Sold" trilogy, but this tale stands alone. The title is a poor fit for the story, and the conflict is resolved a little too quickly. But readers will empathize with Claire, who can’t see her own beauty the way Luke does, and Luke is a complex as well as sympathetic hero.
Heather Nordahl Files

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