Laney Cairo ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Laney Cairo
Torquere Press
     Bailey is an assistant to Dr. Ford at Siren Care. He goes to a bar and meets Quint, a bartender. They discuss their body modifications. This leads to a lovely one night stand that Bailey wants to repeat. The two seem to find each other intoxicating, and Bailey even gives Quint a modification. Everything is going fine until Quint is in danger of being deported. Bailey manages to get him into an experimentation program at his work to prevent his deportation.  
    This was a very well done story. The plot was great, as this reviewer has always been fascinated by body modifications, as others are. Bailey and Quint were very well developed, and the back story balanced well with the more sexual parts. If I had not been given this to review, I would have bought it.

Lenore Lovecraft

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