Lacey Alexander~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Give In to Me
Lacey Alexander
NAL Trade Paperback


     Straight-laced and overworked, April Pediston has neither the time nor the desire for relationships, especially not with someone like Rogan Wolfe, a bad-boy cop whose delicious kisses and seductive touch have her questioning everything she thought she knew about herself. She’s an in demand, high-powered attorney who’s in charge of every facet of her life, so when Rogan demands her submission in bed, and unable to resist she gives it to him, April does the only thing she can think to do – she runs.
     Rogan Wolfe is not your ordinary cop. He’s edgy, demanding and always looking for something new to keep his life interesting. Meeting April Pediston shouldn’t be all that exciting, given her chilly demeanor, but one touch and Rogan knows it’ll never be enough. He is determined to explore the incredible chemistry between them, chemistry he has never before felt. He does not see April running from him as a setback – he sees it as a challenge, one he’s not about to pass up.
     As always, Lacey Alexander delivers decadent, delicious, and wildly sexy stories – stories guaranteed to not just heat up your nights, but also make them sizzle. Give In to Me, the third installment of the H.O.T Cops series, delivers all that, and more. It is an intensely erotic journey, a tale of one woman’s sexual awakening and her struggle to accept this newly realized, bordering on taboo, side of herself. Though opposites in most every other way, Rogan and April are perfect match for this sensual, seductive exploration and readers who enjoy a slightly darker erotic romance are sure to love this story!

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