Kelly Fiore ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Taste Test
Kelly Fiore
Walker Books
     Nora Henderson has been cooking with her dad in his BBQ restaurant since she was a child and she loves it. She longs to leave her North Carolina hometown and explore the world. Convinced by her best friend, Nora applies for and is accepted onto the Taste Test teen reality cooking competition. A fierce rivalry, one‑upmanship, and flirtation, develop between Nora and Christian Van Lorton, son of a famous chef. When someone causes weird and deadly accidents that injure and subsequently eliminate competitors, Nora will find out who it is, stop them, and win Taste Test.
     A smart, ambitious, talented chef, Nora has cooking in her blood, and she needs to prove herself. Outwardly, Christian is a gorgeous, carefree flirt, but there’s more to him than appears. A skilled chef, he wants to be free of his father’s shadow and cook on his own terms. Sparks fly between them and sizzling chemistry leads to romance.
     Taste Test is a delightful, entertaining read with well‑developed characters, humor, romance, snarky banter, suspense, and cooking descriptions that make the mouth water. Fans of teen fiction, the Food Network, and cooking competitions should especially enjoy this novel, which includes the winning recipes from the Taste Test competition.
Lacy Hill

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