Katie MacAlister ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Time Thief: A Time Thief Novel
Katie MacAlister
     Kiya works for Mrs. Faa.  The woman is a bit odd, but the pay is good and the eye candy is even better.  Each man she meets is better looking than the last.  Then Kiya meets the best looking of the bunch and starts having déjà vu all over again-- and again and again.
     Peter is a Traveler.  These are people who can take time from mortals to extend their own lives.  Kiya's boss is his grandmother.  His mother was a mortal.  His half‑breed status makes him an anathema to Travelers.  Orphaned and rejected by his family, he joined the police of the supernatural world.  When he meets Kiya,he recognizes her as a Traveler.  Since she is with his family, he assumes that she’s like the rest of them.  How can he possibly be falling for a time thief?
     Peter's investigating a murder that he believes was committed by one of his family.  He accuses Kiya of being involved.  Since she’s never heard of Travelers, she assumes that she’s fallen in love with a crazy man.
     Peter continues to hunt for a murdering time thief.  The lovers try to work out their differences.  And someone continues to steal time from Kiya.
     This is the beginning of a new series.  It has everything from passionate sex to humor.  It’s a great book. 
Sheila Griffin

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