Kate Cross ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Touch of Steel: A Novel of the Clockwork Agents
Kate Cross
Mass Market
     Alastair is an agent for the Wardens of the Realm, Queen Victoria's spies. Their nemesis is The Company, agents of anarchy.
     Claire is a Company agent.  Her brother convinced Claire that the Company fights for the common man.  He was murdered by another Company agent.  Claire cornered the murderer.  Stanton shot Claire, leaving her for dead.  Claire was found by a Warden and taken prisoner. Claire agrees to tell all of the Company's secrets in exchange for them letting her track down Stanton.  Claire promises to turn him over to them for questioning.  Of course, she has no intention of letting Stanton live.
     Alastair is the Warden assigned to accompany Claire.  Once he arrests Stanton, Alastair is to bring her in for debriefing. The idea of Claire being tortured doesn’t faze Alastair.  Many of his friends were killed by Company agents, some by Claire, herself.  However, as the hunt for Stanton continues, Alastair realizes that Claire joined the Company thinking that she was making the world a better place.  It’s not a far step from that realization to falling in love. Claire soon returns his feelings.  But what future do a condemned prisoner and an employee of her jailor have?
     This is a continuation of series that can be read alone.  This novel is much better than the previous one.  It’s a very good book.
Sheila Griffin

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