Kari Jo Spear~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Silent One

Kari Jo Spear

Torquere Press Inc





Gareth's life is harsh and violent. An accident at age five left him with a scarred face.  His parents abandoned him, and now that he's older, he is being pushed from one foster home to another. People seem to think the worst of him when they see his face; so he had no choice but to harden his attitude and bury his feelings where no one would be able to use them against him. The only thing Gareth knows he can rely on, is the Silent One who comes to him when he needs him most, his secret guardian who has saved is life on more than one occasion. But is he real? Gareth can't be sure, but when his teachers start acting strange and he finds his guardian injured, he makes the decision to believe and help but where will this choice take him? Will his life ever be normal again?

Kari Jo Spear writes a great read. It has a very interesting and imaginative plot that will keep the reader guessing throughout. Although there were a few parts that seemed forced, and it ended sooner than expected with no information about a second novel, it was an enjoyable read.

Rebecca Halliwell

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