Kallysten~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Blue Hair and 7 PA's
Torquere Press
     Vinnie is the personal assistant to James Spencer. This is not a glamorous job that the Los Angeles native wanted. He will not go back to his hometown defeated, however. James has gotten a makeover due to a new sci‑fi part he didn't get. The pay for the job is great, and the job itself seems easy, but will their relationship go beyond professional?
     This was an overall good story. As far as the plot, it was interesting enough to keep this reviewer's attention but not too much for the page length. The characters were very real and sincere as well. However, the pacing was a little off; it seemed to take a while to get there, and then bam! You are there all of a sudden.

Lenore Lovecraft


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