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All the Right Moves
Jo Leigh
Harlequin Blaze #752
Mass Market

     John Devlin is third-generation military, but one friend's death and another friend's career upheaval have left him ambivalent about his career. He has just a short leave to decide whether to re-enlist or take a civilian job opportunity. As he wrestles with a choice that should not be difficult, he goes to a dive bar and meets Cassie O'Brien.
     Cassie is working on her masters in psychology, but the grueling grind of final exams is not mixing well with her brother's increasing irresponsibility, leading to all too many hours working at his bar. She resists John at first because she does not date customers, but a bet leads to a  kiss. She knows they need to explore their attraction even though neither of them has much time.
       Jo Leigh's latest could be the best book of the year so far. You don’t need to love military men to love this book, though it doesn’t hurt. This tale reaches above and beyond the usual series romance and soars like the planes John flies. He is an extraordinary hero, and Cassie is so real readers will feel like they know her. And the love scenes are so hot, readers are advised not to read this one in public.
Heather Nordahl Files


Jo Leigh

Harlequin Blaze #628

Mass Market




Captain Sara Weston needs an active Air Force pilot for the college and job fair recruitment tour she has organized, but this is the last man she wants to work with. Luke Carnes has all the credentials she could ever desire, but he was also her high school and college boyfriend who walked away from her without a second glance. She still remembers every crying jag and sleepless night and would as soon spit at him as speak to him again.

Luke used to be selfish and thoughtless. He's still as cocky as any hotshot pilot needs to be, but Afghanistan changed him, and now he knows he must apologize to Sara. The connection‑‑and the sizzle‑‑is still there between them, but this is not a good time to reconnect. There are others on this tour, and one of them is looking for trouble.

            While the villain is a bit of a cliché, Jo Leigh's skill at creating convincing characters, both major and minor, makes this tale compelling reading, as does the intriguing setting. Whether you're a fan of military heroes or not, you will be engrossed in this excellent tale.

Heather Nordahl Files


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