John Le Carré~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Delicate Truth
John Le Carré
     A Delicate Truth is more than an entertaining story; it is about a moral dilemma.  Should you tell the truth even if it might cost you everything?
The story begins with the preparation of a counter-terrorist operation by British government officials against a Jihadist arms buyer.  The code name is "Wildlife."  The attack is deemed a success.
     Around page 50 a new character is introduced.  His name is Toby Bell, and he is the minister's private secretary and is privy to every important piece of information that is processed by the government.  Everything has to go through him before the minister sees it.  He is also said to have very high moral values.  These are about to be put to the test.
     The dilemma begins when Toby notices that some information that he is supposed to see is being routed around him, and none of the other high ranking officials will give him any answers.  He uses a tape recorder to spy on a secret, high-level government meeting to get the information.
     The tape recording unveils the truth about "Wildlife" and why it is being kept a secret.  Moral choices now come into play.  He can sit on the information and do nothing or risk his career or even his life to do the right thing--expose the scandal.
     A Delicate Truth is very well done.  Some of the action scenes read like the last half hour of Zero Dark Thirty

Paul Zunino


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