Jocelynn Drake~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Dead Man's Deal
Jocelynn Drake
Trade Paperback

Gage Powell is a warlock who once was at the Towers, where warlocks learn magic, but he is one of the rare few who escaped. He does not want to kill with magic, something witches and warlocks do with abandon. Now Gage owns a tattoo parlor in Low Town, working with his girlfriend Trixie, who is an elf, and a troll named Bronx.

           As this tale opens, Gage is reluctantly working for Reave, a dark elf. He needs to protect a house that is killing pixies for the drugs that can be made from their bodies. Gage is not supposed to do magic but sometimes uses smaller, quieter spells. But he cannot let pixies die so the protection spell has a twist, freeing the captive pixies and wreaking havoc on their captors. Gage must stop working for Reave, but the dark elf is a master at keeping him ensnared. And now warlocks and witches are gunning for him.
           This hard‑to‑summarize tale is the second in Jocelynn Drake's "Asylum Tales" series. Gage is a compelling first‑person narrator in a setting where many characters have altered appearances, including a witch who’s been turned into a cat. The love between Gage and Trixie forms a strong, bright core for a dark urban fantasy story.

Heather Nordahl Files

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