Jillian Stone~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter
Jillian Stone
Trade Paperback

When Dr. Jason Exeter opened his home ten years ago to the orphaned waif from a small mining town in Africa, he had no idea that Anatolia Chadwick, known as Mia, would grow into the beguiling, beautiful young woman she was today. Mr. Tandi, the soft‑spoken African who had brought Mia to him, had brought her to him for a specific reason. Mia was a shape‑shifter. As she reached puberty, the change had started coming over her, and she started shifting into a sleek, beautiful black panther. And, until she learned how to control the cat through sexual release, the change was unexpected, excruciatingly painful, and highly arousing. Mr. Tandi, now Dr. Exeter's manservant, had known that only Jason Exeter could properly train Mia as she developed. His extensive knowledge of the paranormal and close friendship with Phaeton Black, America Jones and the Nightshades made him Mia's perfect guardian and sexual teacher.

Mia's skin was too tight for her body. She itched and ached all over, and the only person who could calm her down was Exeter. The cat inside her wanted out, and it wanted to mate--but only with Exeter. He still saw her as a child, and that she definitely was not! Then they got notice that the missing Phaeton Black was alive and well in Outremer Paris, the parallel universe of their own Paris, and America Jones, very pregnant with Phaeton's child, had enlisted their aid to help rescue him. For Exeter to continue Mia's sexual training without raising eyebrows, they were traveling to Paris as husband and wife. And she was not about to miss this opportunity to make Exeter her own, in every way.

           The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter is Jillian Stone's third steampunk novel of the "Phaeton Black" series and is an erotic, sexy, thrill ride through parallel universes from start to finish. There’s just enough sexual "foreplay" versus sexual tension between the main characters to keep the reader thoroughly enticed throughout the solving of the mystery of Phaeton Black. All of the characters from the previous novels are present, but it’s not really necessary to read them first. Ms. Stone does a sterling job of keeping the reader from getting lost if this is read as a stand‑alone. A five‑star read from start to finish.
Lani Roberts


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