Jenna McCormick~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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No Rules       
Jenna McCormick
Trade Paperback


           Alison Cartwright missed her life as an executive with Illustra. That promotion had provided her with all the designer clothes she could ever want--her ultra-swank apartment and car, and, best of all, the body she had always wanted. But she had seen and heard too much and now Illustra had sent the assassin after her and she was hiding out on this armpit of a planet as a pleasure companion, complete with cellulite, droopy breasts and the extra pounds she had previously had sculpted away. It was a hell-hole of an existence, but she was alive. And that's what counted. And she was determined to stay alive, no matter what she had to do to accomplish that. The johns that she “entertained” with their unwashed bodies and some not even human, were nothing compared to those cold tentacles of the assassin wrapping themselves around her mind and body and squeezing, even her memories, until all her essence was gone. She would never forget that feeling and would do anything to ensure she would never have to feel it again.
            Del Fenton knew the moment he saw the working girl that he shouldn't get involved. He had other things to worry about and a promise to his sister to keep. But lust got the better of him and when she was included in the poker pot by the Hibariate who had bought her services and liked to chew on his women, literally, Del knew he had to win the hand and keep her out of the degenerate's clutches. Of course, the reason he was even in the game was to divest the Hibariate of his money, not the girl, in order to buy a new identity and get out of the Hosta System. But he knew the girl was from Earth and a million light years from home and he just couldn't leave her.
            No Rules is one of the hottest, most erotic, sci-fi thrill rides that this reviewer has read in a long time. Ms. McCormick creates a futuristic world that spans several planets and is so real with characters of such emotional depth that the reader is pulled into that world with no problem. The sex is beyond hot, the characters are believable and sympathetic to their plight and the storyline is phenomenal. This is the third in Ms. McCormick's “Illustra” series, but stands alone easily. I have not read her two previous “Illustra” novels, but after reading No Rules, I definitely plan on reading them. Well done, Ms. McCormick!

Lani Roberts

No Mercy

Jenna McCormick

Kensington Publishing





            When Zan and Gia meet for a lovely one-night stand, things take a dangerous turn. Gia's health shield fails, and she is at the mercy of his memories, past, and lust. She cannot survive without him for some reason she is not ready to admit. The adventure has just begun with the liaison when a political family plot invades their confusing situation.

No Mercy was a book I thought I was not going to like, but I actually loved it. It was well written, and the commitment to the story was in perfect balance with the good lusty scenes. After just one chapter, I forgot it was sci-fi and got right into it. The only reason it’s a half a point short of a five is because towards the end things get rushed and confusing.

Lenore Lovecraft

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