J.D. Mason ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Drop Dead, Gorgeous

J.D. Mason

St. Martin's Press

Mass Market




When gorgeous, wealthy, privileged Jordan Gatewood confronted his mistress about helping his deceased father's daughter by his mistress get the money that was left to her, he completely lost it and beat Lonnie Adebayo so badly that he thought she was dead. So he left. And she would have been dead if not for a guardian angel that found her broken, bleeding body in the house and called an ambulance. Lonnie recovered but was never again the same, physically or emotionally. And Jordan Gatewood was going to pay.

It took three long years for Lonnie to recover from the broken bones, the smashed face and crushed spirit, but she used that time to set her plan in motion to bring down the mighty Jordan Gatewood.  With the help of Phillip, her friend, occasional lover and wealthy benefactor, Lonnie put her plan into action. The first thing she was going to do was show the mighty Gatewood that he was not a Gatewood!

Jordan had thought she was dead. He had never done anything like what he had done to Lonnie before in his life, and he heartily regretted it. When he discovered that she wasn’t dead, he knew she’d be out for revenge, and no amount of apology or money was going to stop her. Lonnie was a pit bull, and Jordan loved that and everything else about her. She turned him on like no other woman and brought out the worst in him. He knew he was in trouble.

Drop Dead, Gorgeous is a convoluted thrill ride from beginning to end. It continues from the story of Desi Green in Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, and the Gatewood family, but it’s not necessary to have read the first book to follow the revenge plot of the second. Lonnie is diabolically clever and uncovers all the dirty little secrets of the Gatewood hierarchy. And J.D. Mason’s unexpected twist at the end lets readers know that the Gatewood saga is not yet over--hopefully.

Lani Roberts


Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

J.D. Mason

St. Martin’s Press

Mass Market



      Desi Green was back in Blink, Texas, and the whole town was in an uproar. At eighteen, Desi had shot her mother's lover and spent twenty-six years of her life in prison for it. And it hadn't been just any lover. It was Julian Greenwood of the Greenwoods! To top it off, when she got out of prison, she had inherited twenty million dollars of Greenwood's money! Not only were the Greenwoods pissed, the whole town of Blink was pissed. To make matters worse, Desi looked like a million dollars (or twenty million to be exact). She was tall, caramel colored with exotic almond eyes and a figure to die for. She was dressed in ultra-expensive, but conservative clothing and obviously didn’t care what anybody in that hick town thought of her. She was here to mourn her mother who had died while Desi was in prison. She had fond memories of her old house, the happy times that her mother, Mr. J, as she called him, and Desi had spent in that house and she just wanted to relive them for a minute before moving on. She didn’t want any trouble, and she wasn’t here to cause any trouble, no matter what the Greenwoods thought.

          Then her friend Lonnie showed up. Desi and Lonnie had first met as pen pals when Desi went to prison. Lonnie had been fascinated by her story and had written to her. It had taken several years of letter writing before Desi finally answered her. Once she had, they had become fast friends. Lonnie was everything Desi was not. Lonnie was brash, fearless and firmly believed in going after what she wanted. And what she wanted was vindication for Desi, whom she believed, without a shadow of doubt, had not done the murder.

           Then the call from Sue Parker came. Sue made her living writing books about the lives of ax murderers, child killers, etc., and wanted to write an expose about Desi and her life, especially since she had inherited a bundle from the very man she supposedly killed. Desi wanted nothing to do with the project; the Greenwoods had already taken her to court to try and take her inheritance from her, but had lost. Now Desi just wanted to go away and mourn her losses. Since Lonnie and Sue convinced her that she deserved to find out the truth about that long ago night, now Desi was determined to go through with it to the end, no matter the consequences.

      Beautiful, Dirty, Rich is an extremely well written, compelling mystery from start to finish. J.D. Mason has incorporated beautiful twists and turns throughout the book to keep the reader guessing to the end. Her characterizations are superb and no matter what kind of circumstances the reader grew up in, he/she can immediately relate to the heroine and will cheer her on through all her trials and tribulations. This is one to keep for your bookcase.

Lani Roberts

...7 ...