Janet Litherland~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Worth Dying For
Janet Litherland
Infinity Publishing
Trade Paperback
     Worth Dying For is excellent, and introduction to this former CIA agent is swift. Agency respect for Hannah continues because of her training as a skillful agent. However, she is living in a small town and appears as a sedate widow even though she took up residence 30 years previously.
The story revolves around spies, murder, intrigue, and all the elements, which make up a thriller. Newbies to the CIA call upon this aged hero to do their groundwork and discover members of a foreign sleeper cell in her small community. She is asked to look at her friends in a new light and invade their privacy by gathering information proving either they are spies or not! What this means is Hannah must interact with a male acquaintance, get closer to him, and delve into his real motives for involvement in the community.
     Litherland keeps it clean in this book, but there is romantic involvement between Hannah and her suspect. Keeping close contact with her handlers at the agency via a secure phone adds to the impact of secrecy. In all, detail of how the CIA roots out the bad guys is very realistic.
     Janet Litherland is an excellent storyteller. However, the main drawback is the book could have been longer. With all the character development, foundation for action that is more extensive so that another 100 or so pages would have been in order.  Stylistic writing, descriptive dialogue, and action sequences drive this author to be recognized.  She has written several other books, but this by far, is one her most outstanding.  Worth Dying For is a five star book and you do not have to take the fatal plunge just buy it to enjoy!

Clark Isaacs

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