Jane Shoup~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Jane Shoup

Diversion Books




Arianna Day is a wanderer who has traveled with her uncle to exotic locations. Her prospective fiancé Marshall Derringer does not want her to go. But she travels to a remote part of Africa with her uncle and a group of men who are seeking a new species of gorilla and are also chasing the rumor of a white man living with gorillas. Somewhat to their surprise, they find matokeo ya utafutaji kwa, or "the untamed one.” But he is mesmerized by Ari, and he takes her from the camp.

          At first, Ari is mortified and terrified. But after an intimate and odd evening, she begins to feel protective of this strange creature. Her companions rescue her and capture him the next morning. Ari goes back to England, but she can’t stop thinking about him. The man once known as Sebastian Shaffer can’t stop thinking about Ari either. He has chosen her as his mate and completely changes his life in the hopes of having her again. Calling himself Zan, he returns to the land he last saw as a child in order to learn how to be in Society. But Ari is not his for the taking. She has discovered that Marshall will not let her go and is a frightening adversary.

          Jane Shoup presents what she calls the "real" story of Tarzan in this thoroughly captivating tale. Set in 1908, readers get a taste of life in Edwardian England. The cast of characters is dauntingly large, but keeping them straight will not be a challenge. Zan is a character of convincing depth, from the "untamed one" in Africa to the man struggling to find his place in Society. Ari navigates a bewildering array of emotions, dangers and betrayals in an admirable way. Brilliant, thought‑provoking and addictive reading.

Heather Nordahl Files


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