Jaci Burton~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Nautier and Wilder

Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton


Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978‑0425243398




"Nauti Siren" by Lora Leigh. Piper Mackay is longing for the chance to live life on her own terms, without her suffocating, overprotective alpha brother and cousins dogging her every step.  The sexy as sin Jedediah Booker wants a chance with her, but convincing Piper that he's not like the others and doesn’t want to hold her back proves harder than he thought. Pulling out all the stops, Jedediah will do whatever it takes to protect Piper from the danger lurking in the shadows and prove to her that he's a man of his word and the only man for her.

"Riding to Sunset" by Jaci Burton.  Jed Templeton is the newest member of Wild Riders, a group of Harley riding undercover agents headed by General Grange Lee. When the General’s sister goes missing and it’s thought that his enemies might be behind it, Jed is assigned to watch over Elena Madison, Grange’s niece. There’s just one problem--Elena doesn’t know she’s got an uncle, nor does she understand the danger she’s in. The sexual attraction between Elena and Jed is undeniable, but can she get past her fear that she’s nothing more than a job to him? Can she trust him to help find her mother, but most importantly, can she trust him with her heart?

New York Times bestselling authors Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton deliver two exciting, romantic, and very sexy stories.  These novellas from their "Nauti Boys" and "Wild Riders" series' easily stand alone, and fans of steamy, fast paced, romantic suspense are sure to love Nautier and Wilder.


Mallory Lane


Taking A Shot

Jaci Burton

Berkley Heat

Trade Paperback




Jenna Riley runs the family sports bar so the last thing she wants is a man in her life who plays sports. She is lonely in the love department but not so much so that she will think about dating a guy whose life revolves around sports because that is what her whole life has been about. She needs a man and a break from the sports life. The only problem is Tyler Anderson, player for the St. Louis Ice hockey team, has become a regular customer at the bar and he is HOT--so hot she can't seem to stop thinking about all the yummy things she could do to and with him. Life sometimes throws you a curve ball or in this case a hockey puck.

Tyler Anderson is living the dream.  He is doing the one thing he loves in life--playing pro hockey. He has worked long and hard for this, and life could not get any sweeter, or at least that's what he thought until he meet Jenna Riley. He has always gone after what he wants in life, and right know he wants a sweet little thing that runs the Riley Sports Bar. The problem is she keeps turning him down, and he is just not sure why. When he decides it's time to take matters in his own hands and just kisses her, his worlds spins for the first time ever, and one kiss will never be enough for him. But the look in her eyes and the reaction of her body tell him it was the same for her, even though she is still saying no.

Tyler lives a hard working but free life. He is only committed to his work and friends, never to one woman. Jenna's life is full of family, sports and work.  Life seems too full just not complete. Jaci Burton's Taking A Shot once again gives the reader an action-packed book that will keep on giving with each page. This book may take place on ice but steams up the pages with every word.
Melody Prater

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