I D Locke ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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ZA: Run and Gun
I D Locke
     Konrad, was stuck/barricaded at home because of a minor stroke while Jase, his husband, was stationed at CFB Trenton. Zombies were freely skulking around the streets, and Konrad wasn’t sure what was going on out in the world with no media/radio contact except when he is able to reach Jase on their radio. It was almost time for the deadline and Konrad needed to finish preparing for the run.
     Jase had received some of Konrad's message and was continuing with their plan. He managed to grab a military captor and made his way to Konrad. It was going to be a fight for their lives.
     ZA: Run and Gun is a cleverly executed, gripping page‑turner.

Lauren Calder

Bone: Slip of the Tongue 
I. D. Locke
Torquere Press. Inc,
E- book

             Ivriah, a powerful battle mage had just returned home after combat. Despite being exhausted and covered in blood, he decided to use the sigil in his room to summon a demon to service his baser needs. Same-sex coupling was illegal in Islafar, and if found out, he would be severely punished. When the demon arrived, it turned out to be the demon he usually summoned in battle, Orajin. He was fast and had great fighting skills but was not the demon he summoned for this task. Through his exhaustion he had made a mistake with the summoning spell, and they were now locked in a contract they could do nothing to escape.
            For such a short story this has an interesting plot and likeable characters. There is one scene that involves a bit of torture that may be too intense for some readers. Overall a good read.

Rebecca Halliwell

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