Gina Robinson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Live and Let Love
Gina Robinson
Mass MarketSt. Martin's

      In book three of the "Agent Ex" series by Gina Robinson, Willow Pierce gets the sense that her beloved husband might not be dead after all. 
      Willow's infallible preternatural sense coincides with the arrival of newcomer Con Russo to her small town.  He is more handsome than her beloved Jack, but has his eyes. She is determined to prove that Con is Jack because she wants her husband back.  Jack only "died" to protect his wife. With a new face after surgery to repair the damage from a bomb triggered by an assassin for the terrorist group RIOT, he lives a shadowy life as a CIA assassin. Jack is in town to kill that same assassin who is trying to draw him out by stalking his wife, and not to reunite with her.  This is the hardest job he’ll undertake--trying to resist his own wife.

     Live and Let Love
is a very enjoyable novel with such a great balance of humor, sensuality, and suspense.  Ms. Robinson writes an excellent spy story wrapped in a wonderful romance.  Jack and Willow are lovable characters whose chemistry and true love pull the reader head and heart first into this fun, recommended romance.
Danielle Hill

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