Debbie Levy~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Imperfect Spiral
Debbie Levy
Walker Books
     Danielle Samsuelson's summer takes a tragic turn when Humphrey, her five‑year‑old babysitting charge, is killed after a car driven by an undocumented alien hits him. All she wants is the freedom to mourn Humphrey and celebrate his life, but the neighborhood, caught up in police investigations, arguments about street/neighborhood safety, and a political debate about immigration, keeps trying to drag her into the middle. Through all this turmoil, Danielle finds comfort in Justin's friendship, but he’s keeping secrets about himself and the accident.
     Alternating between the present and flashbacks to moments shared by Danielle and Humphrey, Imperfect Spiral reveals the close, deep, intimate, life‑changing friendship that grew between them that summer. At fifteen, Danielle is a bit insecure, deathly afraid of public speaking, and doesn’t spend much time thinking about the future or politics. Humphrey was a smart, imaginative, curious, lonely little boy who flourished from the attention and friendship Danielle showered him with. To Danielle's surprise, she does as well because Humphrey inspires her to find her own voice and not be afraid to share what she thinks and feels. Imperfect Spiral is a thought‑provoking, poignant exploration of grief and how it affects the relationships in our lives.
Lacy Hill

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