DC Juris ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Get Him to the Geek
DC Juris
Torquere Press

     John's friend Sylvia is trying to set him up with a guy she just knows is perfect for him. He is resistant to the attempt and is fighting her tooth and nail about it. Bernie is the lucky and slightly awkward victim that Sylvia has decided is perfect for John. They finally meet after much coaxing and find that she was right. The two are a good match. They go back to Bernie's for some dessert.

     This is a tale after this reviewer's own heart. The nerd gets the guy/girl is just something that I think should happen more and in this story it does. Additionally, there is a great deal of humor and realism to the set up situation that made the story more endearing.
Lenore Lovecraft

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