Dani Harper~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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First Bite (The Dark Wolf Series Book 1)

Dani Harper

Montlake Romance

Mass Market




Neva was turned into a werewolf against her will. Meredith, her sire, is a psycho. She has the power to turn her pack into mindless zombies. Neva escapes and tries to kill herself to avoid Meredith's control.

          Travis sees Neva's attempt but is too far away to stop her. While retrieving her body, he discovers that she's not only alive but is starting to recover. Travis is a Changeling, a werewolf. He realizes that Neva's a Changeling who hasn't gone through her first shift. This will change in a few nights when the full moon rises.  He wants her to leave the hospital with him. She agrees but only because she can't figure out how to off herself in the hospital. She'll ditch him soon enough.

Travis helps Neva through her first shift to wolf and back to human. Soon afterwards he realizes that they're being followed. As a human, Neva can only run so fast. Travis convinces her to shift back to her wolf form. If Neva doesn't escape, Meredith will force her to become a killer. So she shifts. Neva discovers that she likes being a wolf. She also likes Travis. Luckily he returns her feelings. Now if they can just live long enough to enjoy their newfound love.

This is the beginning of an exciting new series. It's a very good book.

Sheila Griffin

Changeling Dawn
Dani Harper
BravaTrade Paperback

     Kenzie Adair Macleod, youngest child of six, was from a clan who had lived on the Isle of Skye in Scotland for centuries, until the hunters invaded their lands and started randomly killing all the wolves in the area. The only problem was that the Macleods were Changelings, not wolves. But the humans didn't know that, nor did they care.  When they reached Kenzie's home, her mother told her to run as fast as she could and hide until she couldn’t hear or smell the humans anymore.  She did run until she fell into a deep pit with stakes in it. Luckily, her small body saved her; she had fallen between the stakes, but right next to another wolf that wasn’t so lucky. It wasn’t until the next day that her family found and saved her, but due to the trauma stayed a wolf cub for a while, and then didn’t speak for months afterwards. Now she was grown and had twin doctorates in anthropology and archaeology and was looking in the wilds of Alaska for the one thing that she thought would help her stop reliving her nightmare of being persecuted by humans. Then two things happened that irrevocably changed her life--she met Josh Talarkoteen and found a small wolf cub Changeling who had been so terrified she wouldn’t change.
     Josh Talarkoteen, a Canadian Native American of the Tahltan clan and Afghanistan war vet helicopter pilot, now worked the wilds of Alaska for the Fish and Game Department. He was perfect for the job because of his affinity to wild animals, especially eagles and wolves. Of course, the one thing that no one was aware of was his knowledge and ability to sense Changelings. When he blew a tire on a back road, the most beautiful Changeling he had ever seen stopped and picked him up. He immediately felt an affinity with Kenzie, and when their hands touched and the electric tingle shot up both their arms, he knew Kenzie felt it, too. But there was something else there--a wall, a hesitancy to get close. Could it be because he was human? 
     Dani Harper has done an outstanding job in Changeling Dawn. She melds two species, two cultures, and three damaged people into a cohesive, loving unit that will make you want to cry by the end of the book. The only real paranormal aspects are the Changelings and Birkie's mysterious abilities, but the rest of the book is pure adrenaline adventure and lots of understanding and tender, loving care. A romance that you will want to read again and again whenever you need that warm, fuzzy feeling.
Lani Roberts


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