C.J. Carmichael~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Promise From a Cowboy
C.J. Carmichael
Harlequin American #1460
Mass Market
        Eighteen years ago, Savannah Moody and B.J. Lambert were dating. Then B.J. and Savannah's wild twin brother Hunter had a party at an abandoned barn that ended in a lightning‑caused fire. No one knew there was a vagrant in that barn, and he died. Savannah blamed B.J. for not reining in Hunter's wild impulses, and they broke up. Now Savannah is the sheriff, working hard to care for her mother and younger sister and worrying about Hunter, who is still wild.
        A stolen watch surfaces on eBay that reopens the case of the dead vagrant in the barn. Years ago, B.J. lied about some of the events of that night to protect Savannah. Now, that protective instinct returns in him. He will not tell the truth about that night, even to her. But how can this deception live on as they get closer to reigniting their old flame?
        C.J. Carmichael's third "Coffee Creek, Montana" title is brilliantly written from start to finish. Both lead characters make poor choices, but their behaviors perfectly match their character. This is the best Harlequin American so far this year!
Heather Nordahl Files

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