Cat Johnson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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One Night With a Cowboy
(An Oklahoma Nights Romance)
Cat Johnson
Trade Paperback

     Dr. Rebecca Hart looked around the office of the Dean of  Vassar College's English Department and thought to herself, "One day I will be sitting on the other side of that desk." That had been her dream since she first entered college and had decided to major in English. She was comfortable with her life; she loved New York, she loved teaching English at the prestigious school, her students loved her, her condo was her sanctuary and her almost fianc‚ was her perfect match. So, as she sat confidently in front of the Dean waiting to hear that she was being promoted to associate professor, it took a moment for her brain to register that she had just been "downsized."  As Becca drove home in a daze, she figured maybe it was the cosmos telling her that it was time for her and Jerry to seriously discuss their marriage plans. Except, she discovered, Jerry was in the process of moving out, and she had surprised him by coming home in the middle of the day. Could this day get any worse? Enter her perpetually optimistic sister, Emma, who, after hearing about Becca's multiple disasters, decided she needed a change of scenery (and some casual sex), so sent Becca's resume to a university advertising for an English professor--in Stillwater, Oklahoma-- land of cows, horses, rodeos and cowboys. Rebecca was going to kill her sister!
     Tucker Jenkins and his friend Jace were just entering the rodeo ring for their competition when Jace spotted the two very classy ladies standing uncertainly at the entrance to the tent. Oh man! These two were definitely not from Oklahoma or the rodeo groupies that Tucker and Jace were used to hanging around. Tucker, especially, liked the little uptight one. So he proceeded to try and "loosen her up" with his own unique Oklahoma cowboy, good-ol'-boy, style. 
     Ms. Johnson has written a feel-good, makes-you-want-to-move-to-Oklahoma romance that will have you
sighing deeply at the end. Tucker is a super sexy hero worth loving with the patience of Job dealing with uptight, New Yorker Rebecca. Their sexy interactions and surprising revelations
throughout the book make for a wonderful, easy read that you won’t want to put down until the end and then go find a cowboy for yourself.
Lani Roberts

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