Cathy Maxwell~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Bride Says No 
Cathy Maxwell 
Mass Market 


            Years ago, Aileen Davidson went to London to find a husband, leaving her innocent younger sister behind. Years later she came back to Scotland burdened by scandal--a divorcée branded an adulteress by all. The truth is far uglier--she never cheated but was frequently beaten by her evil husband. She’s content to live in peace without a man, but the peace is shattered when her sister returns home.
            Tara is betrothed, but she flees for home because of her feelings for a man far beneath her station. Unfortunately, she cannot escape her troubles, as her father follows her, bringing her betrothed, Blake Stephens, along with him. Tara’s father has a plan to salvage the family’s reputation, but Blake seems oddly apathetic about the situation. He is illegitimate and wants to make this marriage to please his father, as well as provide a great life for the children he will someday have. It’s unfortunate, then, that it’s Aileen who catches his interest.

            Cathy Maxwell puts all her prodigious talents on display in this first "Brides of Wishmore" title. The tangle of broken hearts here is the equal of any daytime drama but with far more entertainment value. The plot makes all the romantically entangled characters suffer on the way to the satisfying conclusion in an uncommon story sure to please.


Heather Nordahl Files


The Devil's Heart
Cathy Maxwell
Mass Market

         Margaret Chattan is on her way to Loch Awe, desperate to find a way to break the curse on her family.  When a Chattan man finds love, he is cursed to die, living long enough to have a son but no longer. Now her brothers have married the ladies they love, their wives are pregnant...and they are weakening by the day. Time is running out, and Margaret feels rising panic. Then, on her journey, she suffers a coach accident, killing all in the coach but Margaret and one servant.
         Heath Macnachton finds the wreckage, which is on his land. His ancestress was the witch who cursed the Chattans. He does not believe in the nonsense of curses, though Margaret does beguile him. But even in the face of his disbelief, Margaret cannot give up on her quest. But what can defeat such a powerful enemy?
        Cathy Maxwell winds up the Chattan Curse trilogy in thrillingly magnificent fashion with this wonderful tale. The plot does not depend on reading prior books. Readers will be compelled to turn the pages to the spine‑tingling, eerie climax.
Heather Nordahl Files

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