Cat Adams ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Eldritch Conspiracy (Blood Song) 
Cat Adams 
Tor Books
Mass Market
     Celia is part human, part siren and part vampire.  She’s also a bodyguard.  Laka, an old friend, calls.  Her daughter has disappeared.  Either Okalani has runaway to live with her father or he’s kidnapped her.  Laka is afraid that Okalani's father is using her talent of teleporting for evil purposes.  She asks Celia to find her and bring her home safely.  Laka is right to be afraid, because Okalani faces a fate much worse than a prison sentence if she gets caught.  Someone much more dangerous than the police has their eyes on her.
     Meanwhile, Celia gets a call from her cousin Princess Adriana who is marrying Dahlmar, the human king of a small country. Some people don’t like this at all.  The death threats that Adriana has been receiving have now escalated to an actual attack.  Adriana wants Celia to be her bodyguard until after the wedding.  She will replace one of the bridesmaids.  Celia is less than thrilled about being a bridesmaid, but she can’t leave Adriana unprotected.
     And just to keep things interesting, a colleague of one of Celia's boyfriends keeps trying to kill her.  Is he a part of the terrorist group that’s targeting Adriana?  Or is it something more personal?
     This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone.  Despite a sprinkling of vulgar language, it’s a very good book. 
Sheila Griffin

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