Carole Nelson Douglas ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Cat in an Alien X-Ray
Carole Nelson Douglas
     Midnight Louie, P.I., is back with Temple Barr to solve another mystery.  Temple's ex, Max, and her present, Matt, are in the mix to get to the bottom of this extraterrestrial conundrum--and to find Kitty, the cutter, once and for all. Full of secrets, Silas T. Farnum comes into the picture with all the subtlety of a flamboyant car salesman, wanting to hire Temple to promote his newest investment. Matt and Max are not hitting the same chords, not trusting each other.
Max is convinced that Matt is not being completely honest with Temple.
     Louie keeps his steady-paced actions and his colorful personality, necessary staples in this mystery. Ms. Douglas masters her creation of delightful characters and a purrrrfectly charming tale.
Lauren Calder

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