Anne Marsh~~ AdC Star review

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Slow Burn
Anne Marsh
Trade Paperback

     When Faye Duncan bought her new, very expensive Corvette, she bought it with the thought that she was beginning her new lease on life. Her divorce from her firefighter husband was finally final, and Faye was off in her convertible to find adventure. She had a job as a freelance photographer and was on her way to Strong, California, to photograph the restoration of an old historic firehouse. As she was driving along admiring the view of the Sierras, she suddenly found herself driving through a wild brushfire on the road. But there was a first responder already on the scene, so after she recovered from her fright, she drove on into Strong, where her incredibly expensive, vintage Corvette promptly died. With no mechanic in sight and Ma's the only place that looked open, Faye promptly decided to enjoy the local scene and start her "big adventure."
     Evan Donovan was just finishing up his last fire jump when his phone rang. It was his buddy from the Marine Corp and fellow firefighter, Mike Thomas. And he had a request. He wanted Evan to "look after" his ex-wife who was on her way to Strong for a photo shoot. Evan Donovan didn’t "do" "look afters."  He jumped into fires, put them out, and then hung out with his brothers drinking beer afterwards. That’s what he did. That’s who he was. But you didn’t turn down a buddy, so Evan went looking for this ex-wife and found Faye sitting on top of the jukebox at Ma's, singing at the top of her lungs, drunk out of her mind from Mimi's rum punches. With a deep, put-upon sigh, the big, gentle bear of a man plucked Faye off of the jukebox, intending to get her sobered up, when she promptly fell asleep against his chest.
     Slow Burn is the second in the Donovan brothers' story and continues the story of Strong, California and their sexy fire jumpers. It’s a moving story of feelings, strengths and loyalty with a secondary plotline of an arsonist within their ranks. Evan and Faye are polar opposites who somehow click. She’s looking for an adventure that could include sex, but not romance, and he’s not looking for anything at all, but because of a promise to a fellow firefighter, he’s stuck with her. The interaction is heartwarming, witty and makes readers want to move to a small town and find their own firefighter. And the secondary romance of the older couple just makes you feel good all over.
Lani Roberts

Burning Up
Anne Marsh
BravaTrade Paperback

             Jack Donovan was a fire jumper. He and his team lived for the adrenaline rush of jumping out of an open plane into a roaring fire, then working their butts off containing the fire and keeping it from consuming more timber and homes. It was dangerous, exhilarating work, and the pay wasn't half bad either. It was the ideal job for a single guy who was a thrill junkie and had no intention of ever settling down in one place.
            Lily Cortez had returned to her hometown of Strong, California, to escape the stalker who had started harassing her in San Francisco. At first, she thought the small fires had just been coincidental. But after waking up in her apartment with the smoking pouring in her bedroom, she knew the fires were deliberate. So she ran; ran back to Strong and ran right back into the arms of Jack Donovan.
            Burning Up has an interesting storyline about life as a fire jumper. Set in a small northern California town set between the borders of California and Nevada, Burning Up paints a vivid and accurate scenario of life in a tiny town during California's drought season. But the interaction between the returning hero and troubled heroine is a little slow and tedious. Their constant refusal to act on the obvious attraction between them that has been there since high school simply because fire jumpers live dangerously, gets tiresome after a while. But the cleverly placed clues regarding the serial arsonist's identity definitely keep the readers' interest to the end.
Lani Roberts


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