Vicky Dreiling~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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How To Ravish a Rake

Vicky Dreiling

Grand Central

Mass Market




After spending the past four seasons as a wallflower, Amy Hardwick is determined to overcome her horrible shyness and find true love before she must settle for bland security with a country vicar.  With that goal, Amy attends her first ball of the season wearing a self‑designed dress. Its beauty and her flair for fashion soon become a hit, but Amy still sinks into anxiousness whenever a man approaches--any man except Will "The Devil" Darcett, that is.  His constant teasing just annoys her and sets her nerves on edge, albeit in a completely different way.

When an accident leaves them compromised with no recourse, Amy is stuck marrying the last man she ever wanted, the one who will most assuredly never love her.  Still, one must make the best, and if Will is willing to take the time to get to know her before returning to his profligate ways, they might stand a chance. How does one learn to trust, however? Especially when one's heart is at stake.

Vicky Dreiling is fast becoming an absolute must‑buy for Regency fans. Her voice in writing is crisp, clean and delightfully refreshing. Her characters are lovable; even when they are bad and flawed they are good. With just a small stumble in the characters' decisions and a slightly abrupt conclusion, this story is a guaranteed delectable indulgence!

TJ Mackay

...8 ...