Tracy Anne Warren~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Her Highness and the Highlander

Tracy Anne Warren


Mass Market




In Regency Scotland, Princess Mercedes of Alden's retinue is attacked by ruffians, forcing her to flee for her life, right into the world of former soldier, Major Daniel MacKinnon.  Although no one believes the bedraggled beauty's claim of being a princess, including Daniel, he helps her and eventually offers his escort to London.  Daniel finds himself captivated by the beautiful although clearly delusional young woman, and Mercedes feels both safe and alive in his strong arms.  When the time comes to part, can they walk away from a love that has forged a bond stronger than their societal differences?

Her Highness and the Highlander is utterly delightful historical romance.  Daniel is sigh‑worthy and protective, too delicious for any respectable fan of Scottish heroes to resist.  Mercedes is a sweet young woman who has a very good heart, despite her lofty origins.  The development of romance between them is excellent, full of sensuality and vivid emotions.   Warren depicts 19th century Scotland in a manner that is captivating and makes the reader want to jump into the book.  This book was a real pleasure to read.  It comes highly recommended to readers of historical romance, particularly those who enjoy Scottish heroes.

Danielle Hill


The Bed and the Bachelor

Tracy Anne Warren


Mass Market




When Drake Byron's longtime housekeeper abruptly quits, he wants to quickly hire a replacement. Mrs. Anne Greenway has all the requirements he needs, but her youth and beauty stir him inappropriately.  He is apprehensive about his attraction to an employee but hires her anyway. She is everything an absentminded mathematician could desire in an employee, but how can he resist his very personal attraction?

The problem is that "Mrs. Greenway" is actually Sebastianne Dumont, a desperate Frenchwoman. Her father and brothers are in danger if she cannot steal a cipher from Drake for Napoleon's forces. The very idea of stealing from Drake makes her ill, but her family's safety relies on her perfidy. Soon she discovers that the cipher she seeks is locked in a safe, and the key is always on Drake's person. How can she possibly achieve her ends without intimate contact with Drake?

            Tracy Anne Warren's latest is a stellar entry in her entertaining "Byrons of Braebourne" series. Her characters are compelling, and the plot contains all the drama a reader could want, replete with riveting action as well as passion.

Heather Nordahl Files

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