Tori St. Clair~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Tori St. Clair
Berkley HeatPaperback
978 – 0425246771
     Natalya Trubachev is a member of the CIA black opal undercover group.  For more than three years she has worked to unmask the head of the Russian mob group that kidnapped and cells strippers. To do so she is had to infiltrate and become a part of this group. So when she is asked by her Russian model fiancé to go to Las Vegas and infiltrates a strip club were a stripper by the name of Katrina Slater (Kate) to capture her and seller off. Once in Las Vegas, Natalya interviews Brandon Moretti, whom she knows is an undercover cop to her CIA connection.  Brandon is undercover as the manager of this club to find out who is killing strippers in Las Vegas. Natalya immediately feels connected to Brandon, which can cause problems in her job sense she does not trust him. Keeping up her cover trying to save her sister and fighting the desire she has for Brandon all collide.  
     Brandon Moretti is and undercover cop trying to figure out who is killing strippers and why.  When things are not going as they should in this investigation, a new lead comes along in the form of Natalya Trubachev. Brandon does not know she’s an undercover CIA agent, what he does know is that he is very attractive to her. He has to keep his attraction squelched, because she could be the one they’re looking for. But with just one look she starts a fire in soul.   
     Brandon and Natalya have jobs to do, can they do their job successfully and fulfill the desires between them?
     Tori St. Clair’s Stripped gives us an outstanding book filled with mystery, deceit, and hot action both on the floor and in the bed. This is one book full of twists, and turns, the mind will be stripped of everything but pleasure.   

Melody Prater