Thomas M Kostigen ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Review

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Golden Dawn

Thomas M Kostigen

A Tom Doherty Assoc. Book




Golden Dawn is fast-moving page turner that engages the reader almost from the first page. It is about terrorism in the Middle East, but it is much more than that. The writer either researched Islam or knew a lot about it to begin with, and he uses this knowledge to enrich the story.

The main character is Michael Shea. He was raised by his uncle, Sean O'Shaughnessy. They got along when Shea was younger. Now they don't. Shea is a journalist. Sean is and always has been an Irish terrorist. As soon as Michael found out, they had issues.

The story begins with Shea and his assistant, Munjed in the Middle East trying to get photos of O'Shaughnessy talking to another terrorist. He has followed his uncle all over the world trying to bring him down. All of a sudden they are caught in a hail of machine gun bullets. In the aftermath, Munjed looks like piece of Swiss Cheese, and Michael Shea is running for his life from pursuers that will not give up. Finally, he loses his pursuers by breaking into house and hiding. But the house is occupied by Neda Ghazali, a member of a mysterious sect called the "Golden Dawn." They are involved with guarding a secret prophecy that foretells the end times or end of days. This has to do with the apocalypse, and those who would seize power if they could get that information from the prophecy.

The story has an interesting twist in the end that has to do with Sean O'Shaughnessy--Uncle Sean is not what he appears to be.

Paul Zunino


...11 ...