Terri Garey ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Devil Named Desire

Terri Garey


Mass Market




Hope Henderson has reached the end of her rope. Learning that her missing sister is dead, she slits her wrists and waits to die. Instead she meets the Devil, who saves her life. He tells her that her sister is actually alive, and he will bring Hope to her, but, of course, he has a price, one she fears she cannot bring herself to pay.

The Archangel Gabriel encounters Hope and can see the shadows clinging to her. He wants to help her and is shocked by her hostility and distrust. She even believes that he could commit murder. He needs to earn her trust and keep her safe, but he is troubled by the earthy way he sees her. He could never foresee the larger plot drawing him in and the turns his path will take.

Terri Garey's latest is the second in a series, but new readers will not be lost. Some readers may have difficulty with Gabriel's plotline, which could challenge some belief systems. The Devil is also painted in a sometimes sympathetic light, which also may trouble some. But those not bothered by these issues will find an imaginative, page‑turning adventure that rivets the reader.

Heather Nordahl Files




Devil Without a Cause
Terri Garey
Avon, Mass Market

The Devil is known by a host of names, one of which is Sammy Divine. He is bitter from losing Nicki Styx but has been offered a chance to be back in the One's good graces. A young woman in Atlanta, Faith McFarland, is a single mom whose four year old son, Nathan, is dying of brain cancer. Sammy can be her guardian angel. He agrees, but, of course, he is the Devil; so he will not do it without there being something in it for himself. Finn Payne is a wildly successful rocker, and he owes his millions and his following to a long ago deal with the Devil. Faith must take the ring he wears that sealed the deal and give it back to Sammy, who will then save her son's life. Taking that ring will ruin Finn, but Faith will do anything to save her little boy, even after a night of making love to Finn makes his life important, too.
      Terri Garey's latest spins off from her excellent "Nicki Styx" series to turn the spotlight on Sammy Divine, a.k.a. the Devil. Most readers will root hardest for Faith as she fights to save her son. Finn is harder to empathize with, but he is a nice updating of the old cliché of the rock star
who sells his soul for fame. The theme of sacrifice runs strong through the tale, and it builds to an exciting climax.
Heather Nordahl Files


You're the One That I Haunt

Terri Garey

Avon Mass Market


**** +


          Nicki Styx is learning to accept that her life will never be normal. After she was briefly clinically dead, she began to see dead people and lead them to the Light. It's a strange job for a cynic with little faith in religion, either traditional or non-traditional, but she seems to have a singular talent for it. The Devil-- currently wearing the guise of a hot blond man and going by the name of Sammy-- wants her to send souls to the Dark instead of the Light. He is using his considerable powers of seduction to bring her to his side, and Nicki is feeling the pull of temptation.

         His latest weapon has brought the struggle to a new level. A recently deceased girl, Crystal Cowart, possesses Nicki and through her claims that Nicki's boyfriend, emergency room doctor Joe Bascomb, is the reason she is dead. Now Joe is dealing with a malpractice suit and temporary suspension. Nicki must keep Joe from losing his job and protect her own soul in the process. Along the way, she is either helped or hindered by her gay business partner, her twin sister, a barracuda lawyer intent on seducing Joe, several good Wiccans and one very bad witch.

        Terri Garey's third Nicki Styx tale shows an author becoming a master at her craft. Her character may ridicule Wicca and New Age thinking, but the author has clearly done her research, and her heroine is growing up into a steadily more appealing person.

Heather Nordahl Files..