Sherry Thomas~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Tempting the Bride
Sherry Thomas
BerkleyMass Market


     Helena Fitzhugh knows her love for Andrew Martin will avail her
little.  Little is what she is willing to accept.  Neither his marriage, nor any of her family’s futile attempts can keep her away from the man she loves.   This time, however, Helena’s single-minded determination proves her very downfall. As scandal threatens, the only way to save her family heartbreak is to marry the one man in the world she truly despises.
     David Hillsborough, Viscount Hastings, has loved Helena from the
moment he set eyes on her at the age of 14.   His feelings were never returned, though, so David has spent his life getting her attention by infuriating her.  Now that his dreams have come true and he will actually wed the woman of his dreams, how will he ever undo all the damage he has done? Will she ever forget the man she loves long enough to see the man she is married to?
     Ms. Thomas has done it.  She has taken her magnificent talent and
beautiful writing style and melded it with a story that is not only believable, but both heart warming and heartbreaking at once.  From the very first page, readers will find themselves captive. Even the few eye-rolling aspects cannot overcome the pure joy of reading this tale.

TJ Mackay



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