Sharon Page~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Blood Secret

Sharon Page


Trade Paperback




Lucy Drake is willing to give herself over to a man she does not know to save her family and their secret that she and her family are dragon shifters. It is scary to think she would no longer be a proper lady once she sacrificed herself for her family and that she would live a lonely life--as a lonely because no one wants a wanton woman as a wife. But one touch from this stranger named Sinjin Lord, Duke of Greystone, and all is lost with heat of desire he wills in her.

Sinjin has secrets of his own--like he is a vampire and a dragon slayer. When Lucy wants to give him whatever he wants to save her family and their secret life as dragons, he finds that to be intriguing. Would she help him find the one thing in this life that means more to him than his own life--his nephew?

Lucy and Sinjin have a goal to save family, and in doing so it brings them together, but will it hold them together as lovers or enemies? Sharon Page burns up the pages with fire and ice in Blood Secret. When you have a dragon and a vampire as lovers, you are given a story that burns up the sheets with passion but can be as cold as winter night in the true feeling department.  It's a roller coaster ride that gives you  a thrill and when you get to the end, you definitely want more.  

Melody Prater

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