Saranna DeWylde~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days
Saranna DeWylde,
BravaTrade Paperback


     Caspian, Crown Prince of Hell and half demon, was in a pickle, so to speak. He had been summoned to the mortal world and was currently being held inside a circle of old bone dust inside a woman’s bedroom. And what a woman! She had voluptuous curves, breasts that made his mouth water and a mouth that just wouldn’t stop flapping. She wanted revenge on an ex boyfriend and knew how to conjure up a demon to do the deed for her. Caspian was really insulted; after all, he was a Crown Prince and shouldn’t have to be doing menial crap like this. But when someone who actually knows what she’s doing summons you, the Big Boss gets really upset when his demons don’t comply, even his Crown Princes. Looking on the bright side of things, once he could get her to shut up, he could always demand lots of sex as her payment!
     Grace was the granddaughter of Seraphim Stregaria, known as the Baba Yaga in Russia. Seraphim was a witch of some renown; so Grace definitely knew what she was doing when she summoned Caspian. But she had no idea Caspian was going to be so gorgeous. He literally took her breath away, but she didn’t have time to indulge in the myriad of sexual fantasies that popped into her head when she looked at him. Right now she had to concentrate on why she summoned him. And his name was Michael Ivan Grigorovich, one of the meanest, most cold blooded leaders of the Russian Mafia and Grace’s ex. Michael had magick powers of his own; he was a direct descendant of Rasputin and had stolen their son Nikolai from her four years ago. Grace desperately wanted  her son back. She had waited four long years to get her revenge and Caspian was just the half demon to do it.

     How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days is a compilation of hot sex, ribald sparring between the two antagonists and a lesson in Russian folklore all expertly rolled into one humorous story. The dialogue between Cas
pian and Grace is hilarious, and the sex will set the reader on fire. Michael Grigorovich is a nasty piece of work, but a necessary component that makes the whole storyline work exceptionally well.

Lani Roberts



How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days

Saranna DeWylde


Trade Paperback




     Midnight Cherrywood opened her copy of Weekly Warlock and

activated the image interaction spell. Immediately Dred

Shadowins, the centerfold, appeared before her in the flesh. so

to speak, ready to follow her every instruction--her every sexual

fantasy instruction. Dred was the sexiest warlock Middy had ever

seen, and he had been making her life miserable since the Academy

when he'd called her "Cherry-Would-If-She-Could" and hexed her

with every miserable spell he could think of. After that, Middy

had called him "Dastard Dred," but not to his face. Dred was

gorgeous, rich beyond imagination, playboy extraordinaire with

thousands of women under his belt…or below his belt…and rumored

to be involved in dark magick. Now Middy had to meet with Dred in

person, at his request, to get him to fund her Gargoyle Masque


     Dred Shadowins knew he was being perverse by demanding Middy

come to him in person to ask for the funding. He was going to

give it to her no matter what, but he really wanted to see her.

He’d been a spoiled shit at the Academy when she’d look like a

boy, but lately, he’d notice she had filled out quite nicely.  He

wondered if "Cherry-Would-If-She-Could" was now "Cherry-Had."

For some reason, he sincerely hoped she didn’t believe the rumors

of the things he’d done in pursuit of dark magick. Dred had his

own agenda and it wasn’t always on the up-and-up, but it was

always for the good of the people, both mortal and magick. And

posing for the Weekly Warlock was just a little side perk. He

liked being witches’ fantasies, especially Middy’s!

     How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days is a raucous sequel to Ms.

DeWylde's How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days. Her characters of

witches and warlocks, angels and demons and everything in between

are hot and sexy and written with a tongue-in-cheek,

laugh-out-loud irreverence that will keep the reader laughing

throughout this well written, stand alone sequel. Add a magickal

spy story and How to Marry a Warlock has everything for total


Lani Roberts


...10 ...