Sable Grace~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Sable Grace
AvonMass Market


     The gods and goddesses are growing weary, and they need to find and train their chosen replacements. But Cronos is trying to take over all the world, and many of the chosen have been killed. Kyana Aslan has become Artemis’ chosen, and now the fight has taken a dark turn.
Cronos is building an army of evil dead, and none of Kyana’s friends are
safe. Not Ryker, the new God of Gods and Kyana’s lover; not Haven, who has lost too much already. The battle will be desperate and will force her to face the horrors of her past that she believed long gone.

     This is the third in Sable Grace’s “Dark Breed” series, and many plot lines are continuing from earlier titles. As such, it can be hard to follow at first for new readers of the series. But as the action progresses, readers will get up to speed and find themselves on the edge of their seats in the excruciatingly tense and exciting climax.


Heather Nordahl Files



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