Rochelle Alers~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Angels Landing (A Cavanaugh Island Novel)     
Rochelle Alers 
Mass market paperback
     Kara Newell gets the shock of her life when she is invited to attend the reading of the will of Taylor Patton of Cavanaugh Island, South Carolina. Suddenly she is an heiress of more property and money than she knows what to do with and is the object of scorn by the Patton family. She also had to deal with the fact that her parents have not been truthful with her. But the biggest problem Kara has is the will has stipulations—she must live at Angels Landing and the house must stay in the Patton family.
     Kara has been living in New York City as a social worker for the past ten years and realizes she is burned out, so she agrees to comply with the will. But she hadn’t expected to fall in love with the house and the history of the island. She also didn’t expect to fall in love with the Island’s sheriff, Jeffrey Hamilton, a former marine, who came back to live in Angels Landing when his grandmother became ill.
     Jeffrey knows there is something about Kara that draws her to him, but he is leery after a broken engagement. He and Kara are dealing with Cavanaugh Island politics because developers want the land to build a resort and high-end restaurants. They are preying on the residents, especially older people, but Angel Islanders are determined to not let their beloved island turn into a play land for the rich like other Gullah islands in the Low Country.
     Alers delivers again in the second book of her Cavanaugh Island series. In this series, readers and fans alike are treated to the history and culture of the Low Country. Though Cavanaugh Island is a fictional island as Sanctuary Cove, the first island in the series all of the elements of The Low Country were incorporated including the food, language and culture of the Gullah people. Although this book had a cliché romance plot, the writing and history more than made up for it.

Dera Williams

Sanctuary Cove
Rochelle Alers
Mass market

     Rochelle Alers, known for her stunning "Hideaway" series and numerous other romances, brings her readers to the Low Country of Cavanaugh Island in South Carolina for a story of the Gullah culture, love and loss and redemption.
     Deborah Robinson flees Charleston, bitter after being recently widowed under shadow of a scandal involving her late husband. She finds sanctuary in aptly named Sanctuary Cove on Cavanaugh Island where she spent many happy summers with her grandmother who has left her a beautiful home. She and her teen‑aged son and daughter begin a new life on the idyllic island where she opens a bookstore among a community of love, support and the proud Gullah culture.

     Asa Monroe is "snowbird," a winter visitor to the Cavanaugh Island. Come spring he will be leaving to work with Doctors without Borders, having given up his lucrative medical practice. It has been a year since his wife and son were killed in a tragic accident. The serenity of Sanctuary Cove is just what he needs as he heals one day at a time. Neither he nor Deborah was prepared for the strong attraction they held for one another. Having Asa as her assistant at the bookstore, she tried to convince herself that she was not ready to pursue a relationship and their friendship was enough, For Asa, allowing someone into his life is not an option, but how can he resist what his heart wants?

     Alers has created a story with sensual elements that is entertaining and informative in a place where a proud people struggle to hold onto their way of life.  This reviewer is so looking forward to future stories in the series that will feature similar Low Country locales. A winter must read.

     Dera Williams


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