Rachel Grace~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Geared For Pleasure

Rachel Grace

Berkley Heat

Trade Paperback




Bodham owns the Siren (a submarine) which is used as a brothel and a gaming hall. He has never meet a woman who holds his attention. So when Dare lands in his lap, he finds himself very intrigued with her. Something is very different about her, and he has a feeling that he needs to protect her from all, and life was no longer going to be the same.

Dare, the Queens Chalice, is on a mission to find the true Queen and bring her back to Queen's Hill were she belongs along with answers to what happened to Cyrus, the Queens Sword. In doing so she has to deal with Bodham, a man who intrigues her in every way.

Seraphina is a Felidae, a thief of many things including the hearts of some. After tricking a man while working on the Siren that then disappeared, she is desperate to find him and make sure he is all right. When Dare speaks of the disappearance of Cyrus, she wonders if it could be the same person she is looking for. Cyrus is on a mission for the Queen when he is drugged and kidnapped from the Siren. The twists and turns of his life have left him feeling that he has failed his mission, but one thing keeps him going--Seraphina. She is the one thing he can't get out of his head.

Rachel Grace has given the reader a sexy steampunk story in Geared For Pleasure. We have two stories in one with this book. You will find a stranger and provocative love story between both Bodham and Dare then Seraphina and Cyrus. Steampunk gives a whole new way to look at the world and love. In a time were things are not what they seem can they each find what it is they are looking for and save the Queen or will trust turn to disaster? When you think you have this mysteries erotic romance figured out you find you have not, but find yourself loving every page!

Melody Prater

...14 ...