Peter Geye~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Lighthouse Road

By Peter Geye





Conceptualize that it is the 1890's and you are a single woman traveling from Norway to the new world of America where you have family living outside of Duluth Minnesota. Travel is on a steam ship, and you as a Norwegian immigrant do not even speak English. This is that story in The Lighthouse Road by Peter Geye.

Arriving in Duluth, Thea Eide discovers she has to journey even further to Gunflint, Minnesota, a small community that caters to the needs of the loggers who have descended upon the North Woods to harvest trees, which build homes and businesses. Not too long before her arrival, the community realized this industry would grow their rural village into a city.

Peter Geye has constructed a story which intrigues, mystifies, and entices readers to read to the end. He has taken his characters and molded them into being fine upstanding individuals who have a zest for living the good life, even if it is a hardship doing so. Savoring this story is easy since there are many nuances raised by Geye. His choice of words will astound readers, and many shall have to turn to the dictionary.

Odd Eide's, the main character, life spans several years. An interesting technique employed by Geye is the movement from 1896 to 1920 in the various chapters. Odd's story is unfolded through the relationship he has with his one true love Rebekah. Odd develops into a master boat builder with extreme attention to detail and perfection. At the same time, he tries to live his life the same way. Other characters evolve in the story and weave into the life of Odd to demonstrate his naïveté with the world around him. Odd's mentor is the owner of several business enterprises in the Gunflint community and raises Odd as if he were his own child after the death of Odd's mother shortly after he was born. However, Odd Eide develops into his own man who makes outstanding decisions that affect the way he shall live in the community.

This is an outstanding tale which will take readers to an often misunderstood region where the rough and tumble meets with gentility. Highly recommended!

Clark Isaacs


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