Paul Garrison~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Robert Ludlum's  The Janson Command
Paul Garrison
Grand Central Publishing
     Robert Ludlum's bestselling books had always centered on a theme of suspense and action. He was the author of 26 novels; each one was a New York Times best seller. Robert died in 2001, but his legacy of characters lives on through additional novels written by an array of authors who continued to captivate the developed audience of 225 million readers. Paul Garrison has picked up the baton and has written a spine-tingling novel the Janson Command.
     Paul Garrison is a renowned author of critically acclaimed thrillers, Fire and Ice, Red Sky at Morning, Buried at Sea, Sea Hunter, and The Ripple Effect. His ability to create scenarios which are compelling, complete, and challenging was honed to perfection so that when he wrote the Janson Command, he was able to pick up the pace.
     Readers will marvel at the first one hundred pages where the intensity of past encounters, new characters, and thrilling exploits move so fast that you cannot escape the compulsion to read on and turn the pages as fast as you can. Paul Janson is an outstanding lead character who introduces his ingénue Jessica Kincaid by demonstrating her skills as a crack shot.
     To keep readers entertained, there are plenty of murders, battles in murky waters, travel in luxurious jets, and this is all in the first segment of the book. Paul Janson's background is interspersed throughout this novel so that as readers go along, they get a good understanding of what he is capable of doing. In his past, he had been a government assassin who would accept missions of eliminating targets of the United States. He was extremely good at his job earning the title "The Machine" because he was methodical and performed extremely efficient.
     A thriller that once again ends with a happy conclusion that leaves you satisfied, but at the same time opens the door for the next assignment that Janson and his associates will undertake. This book appeals to the thriller in all of us.

Clark Isaacs

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