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Inside the Jewish Bakery--Recipes and Memories from the Golden Age of Jewish Baking
Stanley Ginsberg and Norman Berg
Camino Books Hardcover

     Sights, smells, and sounds from the interior of a Jewish bakery bring nostalgia to those Jews who lived in bygone eras. Inside the Jewish Bakery by Stanley Ginsberg and Norman Berg evoke longing for tastes and textures not duplicated by the large commercial bakeries that have evolved into today's supermarkets.Bakers who grew up with the traditional framework of the Jewish bakery came from cities where there had been large populations who would practice their ethnic living with bread and pastries. Friday nights were traditionally celebrated with Challah, a specialty bread that was blessed with a prayer to God thanking him for the bringing of bread from the earth. This bread is purchased on Friday and brought into the home as a treasured part of the Sabbath meal.
     Full color photographs are displayed throughout the book the culinary delights with mouth‑watering perfection. Perusing the pages, readers not only find recipes which tantalize taste buds, but additional black and white photos show how to make some of the unusual twists and braids which are a hallmark in the designs.  This is not just a cookbook. Inside the Jewish Bakery is an historical reference book that gives inside tips many bakers use in the preparation of their baked goods. Authors Ginsberg and Berg came up with a caveat for bakers! They never waste. Stale breads mixed into the batches of new bread. Old cakes turn into crumbs used to bind together loose fruits in pies or fillers in other baked goods.  Historically traced roots to Europe in the 1400's describe how many of the recipes were developed at that time and how they have survived with modifications because of modern technology.  All of the recipes are for use in our modern kitchens with the knowledge they shall taste as good as they look. You do not have to be a master chef to create gastronomical delights for your family when you follow these proven methods. Each step of the baking process either has a picture or has specific details of how to do it.  
     This book is recommended not just for those of the Jewish faith, but also for everyone who enjoys fine bakery products.
Clark Isaacs

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