Nicholas Edlin~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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      The Widow's Daughter

Nicholas Edlin

Penguin Books

Trade Paperback




The Widow's Daughter is an historical novel about a man who mourned a lost love over twenty years and is forced into painful remembrance of that time when a fiction novel is published based on the events.  Told in flashbacks, the book tells the reader about Peter's past in New Zealand. Peter Sokol was a doctor serving in a medical unit of American Marines stationed in the country in 1944.  A painter, Peter channeled his artistic focus into orthopedics.  Peter drifts through life with a profound sense of disconnection until he meets Emily Walters, an impoverished British expatriate. For the first time in his life, his sense of alienation is obliterated by passionate love for this mysterious woman. But that love proves dangerous to them both, with Emily's questionable, scandalous background, and Peter's ties to the U.S. military, who is decidedly unwelcome in New Zealand.

The Widow's Daughter showcases highly effective and evocative prose.  Nicholas Edlin takes the reader back in time to World War II, depicting the edgy relations between New Zealanders and American GIs.  More importantly, the deeply personal narrative of a man irreparably wounded by his lost love strikes a poignant note in the reader.

Danielle Hill

...5 ...